Roberta and Ernest Scheller


Roberta and Ernest Scheller, Jr., known to friends as “Bert and Ernie,” generously supported the SportsZone exhibit. The Schellers have been part of The Franklin Institute community since their children were young, when they would visit Philadelphia and bring them to the Institute to see favorites like the Baldwin locomotive and the old version of the now updated Electricity exhibit, as well as to enjoy family events like FunFest. In 1994, the Schellers moved to Philadelphia and continued to visit the Institute, this time with their grandchildren.

“It is important to expose children to something more hands-on than the information that they can receive on TV or from books or the internet,” explains Ernie Scheller. “Most of our philanthropic donations are toward education, which is obviously so important. The topic of sports will attract a great deal of interest.” “Sports are a great activity for the entire family,” Bert Scheller adds. “The exhibits give all children the opportunity to learn every time they visit The Franklin Institute. The youth programs at the Institute reach many, and the exhibits are a wonderful educational resource.”

Mr. and Mrs. Scheller and their children and grandchildren have always been active, enjoying skiing, bicycling, and other sports and outdoor activities. Their family business, now run by their daughter, is also STEM-related. The company produces the metallic pigments used in paints for automobiles, plastics, and inks. In addition to their generous donations to the Institute, the Schellers have made contributions to many other educational institutions.

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