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No matter where you are this summer, you are just an internet connection away from experiencing real scientific ocean exploration at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. As a Science Interpreter here at The Franklin Institute, I am SO excited to share the work of Nautilus Live with all of you this summer!

In just a few days, I will be flying from Philadelphia to Honolulu, Hawaii where I will join the Corps of Exploration as a Lead Science Communication Fellow aboard the Exploration Vessel Nautilus. From late June through mid July, we will be exploring the South Pacific Ocean around areas of interest such as Kingman Reef, Palmyra Atoll, and Jarvis Island.

The areas that we will be exploring are among some of the least explored areas of the entire world. Among our objectives will be to use sonar mapping to gain information about the seafloor, conducting visual surveys of biodiverse shallow water areas, and to gain a deeper understanding of deep sea coral biodiversity. This research cruise is being led by a science team of Dr. Rob Pockalny, Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island and Steve Auscavitch, Deep Sea Benthic Ecologist and PhD Candidate in the Cordes Research Lab at Philadelphia’s very own Temple University.

You can join us at the Nautilus Live website during the research cruise to watch us work on the seafloor live via a video stream from our underwater exploration robots. You will be able to listen to scientific and technical conversations between scientists and engineers, as well as commentary from Science Communication Fellows like myself, who will be available to answer your questions LIVE! During dives, you may submit questions and comments to the submission bar below the live feed video.

Do you have questions about the ocean sciences, life aboard the ship, or what it takes to explore the unexplored? Connect with me live via video chat in Musser Demonstration Theater at The Franklin Institute at these dates and times. Presentation included with general admission.

June 29, July 6
2:00 pm

June 30, July 7
2:00 pm

July 3, July 10
2:00 pm

Stay tuned for Part 2 of my 2019 Expedition Blog Series where I will be discussing the technology needed to explore the deep sea. I will also be providing updates mid-exploration such as what we have seen, found, and plan to explore.

You can read my 3 part blog series from my first ever ocean expedition with E/V Nautilus in September 2018, here!

Are you looking for STEM activities, whether they be full lesson plans or small customizable activities that can even be done at home? Check out the free educational resources developed by Science Communication Fellows and other education staff with Nautilus Live and the Ocean Exploration Trust. You will be asked to create a log in to access the resources, but they are entirely free!

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June 17, 2019, 04:31pm

Alix Leszczynski

Science Interpreter

Alix works as part of the Museum Programs and Outreach Initiatives team and performs live science demonstrations, creates curriculum for use on the museum floor, and helps to oversee educational volunteers and materials. Their favorite duties include overseeing the anatomical specimens such as horse hearts, cow eyes, and human brains.